Pastor Barlament was born February 2, 1963 to William and Dorothy Barlament in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He was raised a Catholic. No preaching breeds worldly people; therefore he was as worldly as they come. A man who was a local bus driver began to witness to him as he rode his bus. One night after reading a tract he realized he was on his way to Hell. Pastor prayed and received Christ as his Saviour. He wished he had started to go to a good church, but that was not the case. It was not until November 7, 1983 at Ewell Bible Baptist Church that he received the assurance of his salvation along with Baptist Baptism. Then he had the peace of knowing that Jesus paid it all and there was nothing more he could do, but trust Him. It was Pastor’s School in 1984 where he was called to preach. At the end of his army enlistment he went off to Hyles-Anderson College. While there, he began to look back after finishing just two years of college. Therefore, he went back into the army to fulfill a worldly dream. After counseling with his Pastor he resigned from the army in August 1997, as a Chief Warrant Officer, UH-60 Maintenance Test Pilot. God had allowed him to achieve a desire of his heart then changed his desire to serve Him full-time in the ministry. Prior to starting LBC he was an Assistant Pastor at First Baptist Church, Plattsmouth, Nebraska. He was a deacon at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado while attending college at Colorado Baptist College. While in the military he served in the church as a deacon, layman, Sunday school teacher, basketball coach, and preacher in churches at his duty stations all over the world.

Ryan Barlament

Assistant Pastor

Ryan Barlament has attended Landmark Baptist Church since the first service. He graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 2013. It was during this time that he met his wife, Kelsey. Later that year, he joined our church staff. In January of 2014, he became the full-time youth pastor. He oversees our youth ministries, music ministries, media ministries, and Landmark Baptist School.

Steve Barrows

Assistant Pastor

Steve Barrows moved to Grand Junction in 1997 from Pueblo, Colorado. He met his  wife, Christy, while attending college there. After their move, they began searching for  a church to serve. In 2008, God led them to Landmark Baptist Church. In 2010, he joined our staff as a teacher in the high school, and a couple years later, he became our school principle. He now works as the assistant to the pastor and plans all of the major functions that happen at Landmark Baptist Church.

He also serves as our Assistant Director for the Reformers Unanimous Program.